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Simply hook up your Android Box to your internet service & get instant access to almost every TV Show, New Movies, and tons of sports channels!

There is no monthly fee, just the up-front cost of the Android Box!

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1) General Issues (frozen box, apps not loading)
Unplug the power from your modem for the internet, wait for it to go back to normal lights.
Unplug your router if you have one or wireless repeater and plug that back in, wait for lights to go back to normal.
Unplug the Android Box plug it back in and WAIT for the time on the box to match the right time.
This shows the box is actually getting the internet.
99% of the time this will fix any issue.

2) No picture on TV?
Check your HDMI cable & power cable, Make sure that you are on the right TV source input.
On the back of your TV, you plugged in the HDMI cable to HDMI# 1, 2 or 3.
Your TV needs to be on that corresponding HDMI input.

3) Host not found, No streams, Time wrong?
Go back to step 1, The box doesn’t have internet.
Speed Test is also a great app to test if the box is getting internet & the speed of download which has to be 5MBs at the very least for streaming.
Speed Test is located in the apps area & home page on all Unlimited Media Boxes and boxes programmed by us.
If you still have issues connecting or have low download speeds call your internet company as they may be having issues & you may not be getting the connection at full speeds.

4) The picture is freezing or buffering?
“Live TV”
When using “Premium TV”, check other channels, 5 or more.
If all channels are causing issues, revert to step one with resetting internet & running a speed test to ensure the box is getting 10MBs download speed as “Live TV” requires more bandwidth.

If you are on wireless, try a direct connection. If the issue goes away you have a weak wifi connection and should consider running an ethernet cable permanently!

Channels can go out with no warning but they will come back when they become available again.

We do not control the content.

Everything is handled on the server end.

If the whole system is having issues, you will find a Notification Post on our Facebook page informing customers of such issues.
If there is no post on the page, you can assume the box is having an isolated issue.
Premium TV issues are about 80% internet related but when there have been server or source related, issues, these are typically resolved within a few hours.

“Free Live TV”
Unfortunately, free live tv will always be hit & miss as you’re sharing the streams with millions of people

“Free Apps”
If you are using Cyberflix, Titanium TV, Morph TV, or any “FREE” app, take a look at the sources/streams you’re using.
Back out & try a different server/stream.
These are free sources and servers, some are great & some are horrible but each app has different ones for the same movies & shows.
If after trying all the servers on the list and lowering the quality you still have issues, then revert back to step 1.

5) The keyboard isn’t working?
Pull the back battery panel take out the USB dongle and plug it into a USB port on the box.
Unplug USB stick & plug it back in.
Hold FN & F1 buttons to re-sync remote with box, wait till blue light stops flashing.
Flick keyboard on with the button on the top right.

If none of these resolutions work, send us a message directly so we can assist. > M.Me/UnlimitedMediaTV <

Thank You

Buffering Blues

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