End of Terrarium TV?

To address “Terrarium TV” & the next Y2K
As stated long ago, the only “constant” with online streaming is “change” 😣
It has been uncertain whether TTV will continue to work after tonight.
From the original msg from the creator, all versions modded or not will seize to work as of Oct 1st.
After many hours of exploring other support groups, there have been a few options presented but none that are easy to accomplish like blocking sites & IP addresses from within your router.
I personally think this app will get picked up and updated by someone or a modded version will become available.
In the meantime it works till it doesn’t.
Alternatively, I’ve added 2 new apps that I’ve tested & tried on my Android Box & for Premium IPTV customers, you have everything all in 1 app 😉
I know nobody likes change & in order to elevate these frustrations, I endlessly look for ways to add to our entertainment experience while making it easy for all to learn & adapt.
At one point we all used KODI/UMC and knew nothing of TTV so we’re all capable of overcoming the learning curve with new apps.
I believe when an app/addon leaves it makes room for something better to come along
” You don’t know what you have till it’s gone”
” You don’t know what you’ve been missing till it arrives”
Patience & Perseverance
I thank you for the 1st & promise the 2nd

Terrarium TV Alternatives

With the uncertainty surrounding the demise or continuation of Terrarium TV, We have tested, explored & made available 2 other apps which seem to work great for movies & TV Shows.

Enjoy 🙂

Terrarium TV Update

For customers with Unlimited Programming, specifically access to FileLinked, this video will show you how to uninstall then reinstall the new working version of Terrarium TV.